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November 21, 2014

I have added photos of Jack with co-star, Alfred Enoch doing Extra interviews yesterday, November 20th in at Westfield Century City to the gallery!

I have added 430 HD screencaptures of Jack from the winter finale of How to Get Away with Murder, “Kill Me, Kill Me, Kill Me” to the gallery! HTGAWM will return on January 29, 2015!

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November 21, 2014
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What does it feel like to star alongside an Oscar-nominated actress in a show produced by the queen of prime-time television drama? Ask Jack Falahee. In Shonda Rhimes’ How to Get Away With Murder, Falahee plays Connor Walsh, a go-getter law student who scores an internship at a renowned criminal law practice headed by his own professor, played by Viola Davis. Here, we chat with the actor about his role, his first audition, and the funniest person on set (plus, he tells us how he would get away with murder).

How did you land your role on How to Get Away With Murder?
JACK FALAHEE: I auditioned for [it] during pilot season in 2014. A friend of mine, also an actor who was staying with me at the time, first got the script and suggested that I try and land an audition for the role of Connor. The audition was very laid back. I had only recently moved to LA from New York and was readjusting to driving. A few weeks prior to my audition, a driver ran a red light and hit my car head on. My car was almost totaled and thus began my hatred for driving in LA.

Wow. Intense.
JF: Somehow this came up in the audition room and Peter [Nowalk, the show’s creator], Betsy [Beers, an executive producer], and I swapped driving horror stories. We were all laughing and joking around and I thought to myself, I wonder when I’m going to do the scene. We eventually got around to it. I was a ball of anxiety for days after that.

Tell us about your character, Connor Walsh.
JF: In law school jargon, Connor is a “gunner.” He vies for the attention of Annalise [played by Viola Davis], his peers, and superiors. Connor cares greatly what others think of him, I think. He’s quite smart and a bit cunning. I find myself similar to Connor in that we both are passionate about our careers. We are both driven and competitive.

You have the chance to work with one of the industry’s greatest, Viola Davis. How does that feel?
JF: When I was in theater school in New York, I saw Viola perform on stage in Fences opposite Denzel Washington. Just a few weeks ago, Mr. Washington came by the Murder set to pay a visit to Viola and I sort of sat in my cast chair in disbelief, remembering how it felt to sit in the Cort Theater and watch them both perform on stage. I’ve always been such a fan of Viola and it seems almost fantastical that I’m working alongside her now. She’s quite maternal on set. She always has a watchful eye on us and likes to joke around with the lot of us. She’s always the first to crack a joke after a serious scene, which I think is helpful.

Speaking of cracking a joke… Any funny stories from the set?
JF: I hope they put together a gag reel because there are dozens of scenes where the Keating 5 just break down laughing in the midst of something entirely dramatic. It’s very difficult to keep a straight face when acting opposite Matt McGorry, in particular. His performance as Asher is simply hilarious.

The golden question: Will we ever figure out who committed the murder? Are things finally going to start clicking?
JF: Yes, you will. You will know in episode 9 [airing this Thursday] who kills Sam. In that episode, our two timelines converge. The rest of the season will deal with the fallout surrounding Sam’s murder and the continuation of the Lila Stangard case.

Lastly, how would you get away with murder?
JF: I’d jump on the closest boat, become a sailor, and change my name to Jasper.


November 21, 2014
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We already find out who killed Sam tonight!

Take that, long and lingering shows: How to Get Away With Murder is moving at light speed, revealing the big mystery’s killer after only 8 episodes on the air, and we are finding it hard to breathe while waiting for tonight’s winter finale.

So….Who dunnit? Who killed Annalise Keating’s (Viola Davis) husband Sam (Tom Verica)? We chatted up Jack Falahee, who plays Connor Walsh, for his take on the big Sam reveal.

No, wait that’s a lie. We actually really just wanted to talk to him about Connor’s love life, and what’s up with “Coliver,” a k a Connor and Oliver, and even “Cosher” (we hear you fans!), a k a Connor and Asher. Because these
Read on for the goods “Coliver”, “Cosher” and #WhoKilledSam…

“Coliver” is a thing!
I know! I actually was just looking at Twitter and there was a fan on there who sent me some Coliver art he had drawn. It’s so great. The fans have been so responsive.

There’s fan fiction, there are Tumblrs… Are you surprised by how much the fans are into them?
I think the fans are reacting because Conrad Ricamora who plays Oliver, he’s such a fantastic actor and so subtle and likeable. And I think in Oliver, people see hope for Connor, just because, personally, I think that Connor is on somewhat of a destructive path and he’s working himself out with surviving law school and trying to excel in Annalise’s class and being part of the Keating Five. And he sort of found himself with this man Oliver, who he was geniune feelings for, and instead of embracing those feelings, he sort of is trying to suppress them. So he’s lashing out and sleeping with other people which is ultimately destructive.

Is there hope for them? If I remember correctly, we know that they saw each other after the murder.
Yes, we see Connor show up at Oliver’s door the morning after the night of the murder, and Connor is pretty rattled and he’s kind of hyperventalating and crying. And I think that it will be interesting to see where it goes and if anything happens between the two of them long-term, especially given that Connor has obviously been a part of this murder. Will then he approach his relationship with Oliver with ill intentions? Will he selfishly try to use Oliver for an alibi? Or will he genuinely be approaching this as someone who he cares about and maybe wants to be with. The exciting thing about being an actor on the show is that things are constantly changing as far as the writing goes. So honestly, we don’t know too far out! Right now we’re on episode 11 and episode 9 airs tonight. But it’s all really exciting, to see how the writers are playing around with their relationship.

Give us one good tease about what’s ahead for the Coliver fans!
Coliver fans, they have a rocky road ahead of them, but….I can’t even finish that! I can’t say it. Sorry!

Don’t worry! You want to keep your job. And we want you to keep it, too. Switching gears. Asher and Connor. Some fans have picked up chemistry there. Do you think that chemistry was intentional, is that actually going to happen?
I think I’ll echo [creator] Pete Nowalk on that one and say that maybe after not having a lot of LGBT people in his life, Asher is sort of fascinated by Connor’s love life and sex life. And currently I don’t think Pete has any intention of making that become a reality. But I think the chemistry is palpable because Matt [McGorry] and I are such good friends and he is just amazing to work with. So I feel like like he could have chemistry with a teddy bear.

Tonight we find out who killed Sam. Were you surprised? Do you think the fans are going to be surprised?
Yes, definitely. The writers did a pretty killer—sorry about that pun there!–job of piecing it together and yeah, I was surprised. The drag is I really want to give my theory but I don’t know if I ever will be able to just because of the nature of the show and how it’s written. I have a really good theory and no one will ever know! But I was surprised and I think the fans are going to be on the edge of their seats, truthfully.


November 21, 2014
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It’s been a phenomenal run so far for TV’s number one new drama: How to Get Away With Murder.

Not only did 21 million viewers tune in for the premiere—making it the No. 1 new show, and most-watched TV drama for anyone under the age of 50—and Viola Davis has consistently proven she deserves every award out there, but the series has continued to break ground when it comes to diversity in casting and edgy LGBT storylines. And sex scenes.

And in the middle of it all, Jack Falahee has become pretty much insta-famous.

Before landing his role as Connor Walsh, the gay law student who has had some extremely steamy sex scenes (if you didn’t blush, you should check you’re not dead), Falahee was an unemployed actor who worked as a Lyft driver.
Life has changed.

Here, the 25-year-old Michigan native talks about what it’s been like to become known, the reaction to his character’s gay sex scenes, a recent freak-out in front of Denzel Washington, and more…
[Check back a bit later for part two of this interview: With scoop on Connor and Oliver, and the reveal of Sam’s killer!]

You are pretty much the biggest overnight sensation of fall TV. How’s the lack of anonymity treating you?
Honestly, it’s still so new! I’m just barely getting used to it, I think. I don’t know if you ever do, maybe over time? But for me, it’s nuts. It’s bananas. I was just checking my mother into a hotel and the woman behind the desk said, ‘I love the show and your character!’ and my mom, who is from the Midwest, was blown away. And I said, ‘It happens now and it’s crazy.’ It’s really heartwarming just to see that people are responding how they are to the show.
Any truly crazy fan encouters yet?
Honestly, everyone has been super kind and respectful. Which I think maybe was a little surprising to me. I think the only crazy experience I’ve had was, I was going to see Pippin at the Pantages Theater. I went on opening night and I was…sort of stampeded. I was rushed going into the theater by fans. I was sort of in a state of disbelief. Like, they can’t possibly be running at me?! But even then people were really respectful and just asked for photos and some autographs and had some very nice things to say.

You have been part of some pretty explicit gay sex scenes that we haven’t really seen before on mainstream, network TV. And that’s become a talking point lately. Do you feel a sense of responsibility to the LGBT community? And how does it feel to be a part of that?
I think it’s great that people are relating to Connor and other characters on the show on a lot of different levels. And the fact that there are members of the LGBT community, and friends of the community, that are feeling just pleased and happy to see a character on TV that is depicted in maybe a positive light, I think that’s great. I don’t know that I feel a responsibility necessarily. I think for me at the end of the day, it’s a job and I just go in and I’m glad that Pete [Nowalk]’s written a real honest character. I try to do my best each day to take it and run with it.
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