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January 29, 2015
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Okay, How To Get Away With Murder fanatics. To quote out law student Connor Walsh, stop being a little bitch baby, because your wait is over — the addictive drama is finally back tonight!

When we last left our group of law students and their teacher/mentor, played by SAG Award winner Viola Davis, we finally caught up to murder night where Annalise Keating’s husband was killed and were left with suspicions that she might have had something to do with it.

In tonight’s episode, we pick up the next morning after the event and we finally discover what the hell happens next.

Of course, one of our favorite characters on the show is gay law student Connor Walsh, played by Jack Falahee. Compared to the other characters on the show, he saw a whole lot of very physical, very revealing action in the first half of the show’s freshman season. Connor was cocky and sexually active in a way that was groundbreaking for a gay character on a broadcast network. However, murder night also brought us a very unsettled and shaken Connor, proving that the sexually magnetic character has many layers– and that Falahee is not a one note kind of actor.

Will the usually confident and self-assured Connor keep it together as the group tries to get away with murder? Is he going to crack and confess all to Oliver (Conrad Ricamora)? Oliver, who started out as merely a way to get information for Connor but later became someone he might be actually be falling for. And how is Falahee dealing with all the attention the show has brought to him?

We talked to the actor earlier this month at the Television Critics Association Winter Press Tour for all those answers and more.

The Backlot: How would you tease these next episodes we’re going to see, because we know where we left off, Connor was emotionally fragile.

Jack Falahee: Man, it’s going to be really exciting to watch. I feel like the writers have really found their stride at this point in the season. It has been exhilarating to act and perform a lot of these scenes. But, yeah, it picks up right after the murder and sort of launches us right into the aftermath. And a big thing that Pete [Nowalk, the series’ out creator] and the writers explore is how being intertwined in this murder plot affects the relationships between these characters.

So you see a lot of characters coming together, a lot of characters moving apart, alliances being formed, enemies being made. We explore how much Annalise knows about the murder, and Bonnie and Asher have to deal with the consequences of sleeping with one another. Just a lot going on.

Is Connor leaning on anybody, because Oliver’s in his life, but he’s also lied to Oliver. So is he trusting anybody?

JF: Yeah, he is and I think that it’s maybe people we don’t expect. That’s sort of the beauty of it. I think that these characters have transformed so much in the first nine episodes and when the stakes are as high as having committed a murder, there’s really no telling who people turn to in these moments of weakness. We do see at the end of [episode] nine, these characters go to different people’s houses and sort of lean on their significant others. And whether or not any of that withstands the test of time, we’ll see.

Is everybody still vying to be Annalise’s pet, or does that kind of get put aside? I mean, everyone is still in law school.

JF: Right, and I think that’s a huge component of the season is the fact that we are still in school, and that to me has been something that is really interesting to explore from a character standpoint — how do you maintain any sort of facade of your normal life and day to day, given the circumstances? And so, going to class, going to court and working for Annalise becomes difficult.

How would you characterize the relationship with Oliver, moving forward?

JF: I characterize it as complicated.

But we do see them, right? Oliver is around?

JF: We do see Oliver, yeah. Conrad is unbelievable. He’s doing The King and I in New York, so I’m trying to go out and see him in that.
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Jack Falahee emerged as a fan favorite as Connor Walsh on “How to Get Away with Murder” in the very first episode when he uses his charm, charisma and — let’s admit it — hot face to get info from an IT nerd at the company Annalise’s (Viola Davis’) law firm was investigating.

The entire point of that interaction was to prove that Connor would do anything he needed to do to get evidence for a case. Unexpectedly though, sparks flew between Connor and that IT nerd, named Oliver, thus whipping internet fans into a frenzy. It only took one hook up for Coliver, “How to Get Away with Murder’s” biggest ship, to start sailing.

Zap2it got the chance to sit down with Falahee during a “How to Get Away with Murder” set visit and had plenty to dish about what’s in store for Coliver in the second half of Season 1.

“We definitely explore [the relationship] in the second half of the season. He lies in a big way to Oliver by coming out at the end of the night and saying he’s a drug addict,” Falahee says. “Even if it were the truth, that would be something to be worked through and worked on. We definitely explore that teeter-totter of chaos with Coliver.”

That “teeter-totter” is understandable. When you’re trying to cover up a murder, romance can get a little bit difficult. Coliver hit their bumps in the first half of Season 1, but when Connor needed someone the most it was Oliver he turned to after Sam Keating’s body had been thrown away. His dependence on Oliver probably shocked Connor most of all, according to Falahee.

“It’s very simply that Connor in meeting Oliver was using Oliver as a means to an end to get information to present to his teacher. He was pretty blindsided by his relationship with Oliver,” Falahee explains. “It just caught him by surprise. There are times in your life when you’re not out actively looking for romance and it just shakes you a little bit.”

Falahee also admits that Connor wasn’t being completely dishonest when he told Oliver he was an addict. He really does have a need to be near someone.

“Connor might be a sex addict,” Falahee admits. “In a way, I think him telling Oliver at the end of that episode that he’s an addict, maybe there’s some truth in that.”

That sexual addiction is a habit fans definitely won’t complain about it, though more conservative TV audience members have raised issue with the graphic nature of Coliver’s relationship — and all of Connor’s hookups.

“People have sex. I don’t think it’s gratuitous. That’s reality,” Falahee says. “If it were a heterosexual relationship no one would say anything about it.”

As happy as fans should be that Coliver isn’t over, that doesn’t mean they should assume that things are going to go smoothly — remember what show you’re watching, after all. Connor has already shown the most extreme signs of what this secret is doing to his psyche. During the same set visit both Annalise (Davis) and Laurel (Karla Souza) speculate that Connor would be the one to spill the secret.

“I definitely thought Connor is the one to worry about,” Davis says. “He just wasn’t handling it.”


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January 25, 2015

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