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What an intense and mindblowing mid-season finale! I have added 163 high-resolution screencaps to the gallery.

November 19, 2015

I have updated the gallery with 4 high-quality photos of Jack attending the 2016 Golden Globe Awards Season celebration hosted by The Hollywood Foreign Press Association and InStyle.

Don’t miss the winter finale of How to Get Away with Murder this Thursday! The show will return with new episodes on February 11, 2016.

November 16, 2015
Mercy Street

Mark your calendars! Mercy Street is set to premiere on January 17, 2016, Sunday, 10/9c on PBS.

205 high-resolution screencaps from the recent episode of How to Get Away with Murder are now in the gallery!

November 14, 2015
Interviews Jack Falahee

How are you and your character similar or different in real life?
“We’re pretty dissimilar to be honest. Connor is much more put together than Jack. We’re both go-getters and work hard, but I was a pretty terrible student to be honest—not like Connor.”

Last night’s episode was pretty steamy. Do you ever watch yourself onscreen?
“I’m like getting sweaty just thinking about it. No, I don’t watch those scenes. They’re pretty awkward to shoot. You’re in front of a big group of people and there are cameras and lights, so it’s a little awkward.”

Have you become comfortable filming those scenes?
“I don’t know that it’s something you can be comfortable with. I encourage you all to have sex or simulated sex in front of fifty people and see how it feels. I don’t know if it gets better, but it’s part of the job. And Conrad [Ricamora] is a buddy of mine, and we get through it. We have a good laugh.”

What do you do afterwards?
“I’ll pretty quickly have a beer and a shot or two of whiskey to just kind of mellow out.”

How has Connor evolved from total playboy to perfect boyfriend?
“I don’t know if Connor is the perfect boyfriend. I think that Connor didn’t think he would fall for this guy, but he did and it’s changed him. He’s much more grounded now, and he has someone that depends on him and that he has to support and take care of. That can change a guy.”

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November 13, 2015

The cast of How to Get Away with Murder appeared on ABC’s Good Morning America and The View yesterday. I have added photos to the gallery, and you can watch their interview on The View below.

Public Appearances – 2015 – November 12 – ‘Good Morning America’
Public Appearances – 2015 – November 12 – ‘The View’