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Annalise is determined to get to the truth about Nate Sr.’s murder and will stop at nothing until she does.

We got to see a heart-to-heart talk between Connor (Morgan) and his mother this time. And THAT twist! I have updated the gallery with high-resolution screencaps from the latest episode of How to Get Away with Murder!

Still part of the new Oban Scotch campaign, Jack stopped by the Build Series studios to discuss how he became a part of the campaign, working with Nicholas Cage, and more! Check out photos in our gallery, along with some portraits taken there. You can also watch the full interview below.

February 14, 2019
Interviews Oban

Jack spoke with Haute Living and discussed the new Oban Scotch campaign.

How did your partnership with Oban Single Malt Scotch Whisky come about? Did they approach you because you have a hard-to-pronounce name or did they feel your character on HTGAWM gelled with their brand?
I’ve been a fan of Oban for many years, so it made perfect sense when the brand approached me with the campaign idea. I couldn’t say no since, like Oban, people have always struggled to pronounce my last name. I understand the frustrations and love the sarcasm and humor in the videos. At the end of the day, what we’re really trying to do is get people to enjoy this incredibly good, craft Scotch whisky.”

In your opinion, when is the best occasion to drink Scotch? How do you enjoy it?
I personally love to drink Scotch around the holidays. My Grandfather is the reason I started drinking Scotch, so I’ve come to really love its character. Oban 14 Year Old and Oban 18 Year Old are my absolute favorites. They each have such particular flavors, so I like to drink them both neat to fully appreciate the taste, but I’d never say no to a single malt cocktail!

What is a secret to drinking Scotch that you’ve learned through working with Oban?
The best part about Scotch is that it really does have versatility – which a lot of people might not realize. You can enjoy it neat at home alone, or in a cocktail with friends – there is no one way to drink it. That’s why I’m so excited for this campaign, to help more spirits drinkers enjoy what Oban has to offer.

If you could drink a glass of Oban with anyone, who would it be and why?
Hands down Hemingway. I’d love to have a glass while he reads “A Farewell To Arms” aloud to me.

If you could drink Oban anywhere in the world, at any hotel or any locale, any restaurant, where would it be and why?
I love going on long solo backpacking trips. Scotland has been on my list for a long time. I’m dying to draft an itinerary where I hike around Scotland and end at the Oban distillery. That’s a dream.

Tell us about your first experience drinking Scotch.
The first time I had scotch was with my grandpa. When I was of age he poured me my first glass and we sat in silence as we enjoyed a fine scotch. It was a fine experience and I hold it dear.

What is the greatest lesson you’ve learned from working with Shonda Rhimes on HTGAWM?
The greatest takeaway from working with Shonda has been that hard work pays off. Shonda is talented and driven but from what I’ve learned is that above all else she is driven. When she wants to do something she gets it done. I admire and respect that, and hope to emulate that.

Annalise gathers everyone together for the holidays while she wrestles over a difficult decision about her future, and the investigation into Miller’s murder starts to widen.

Things are getting intense as the FBI closes in on pretty much everything! I have updated the gallery with high-resolution screencaps from the latest episode of How to Get Away with Murder.

February 07, 2019
Interviews Oban Videos

Jack has teamed up with Oban for their Single Malt Whisky campaign. Check out a short interview below, and some videos of Jack for the campaign on the Oban Facebook page.


FORBES: What got you into whisky?
‘I’ve always been a fan of whisky – particularly single malt Scotch. Growing up, my Grandfather enjoyed the occasional Scotch, and when I was finally old enough, I would have one with him around the holidays. Since then, I’ve never looked back. I definitely have an appreciation for the quality, depth of flavor and character in Scotch, so it is my spirit of choice.’

How do you plan to celebrate International Scotch Day?
‘I plan to celebrate International Scotch Day with a few friends over a glass of Oban! Whenever I have folks over, I enjoy serving drinks and mixing cocktails. I’d say that I definitely know my way around the bar after spending a few years bartending in New York. Growing up in a big Italian family taught me to appreciate the holidays as a time to catch up with family and friends. So, I’ll be doing just that, hosting some friends and catching up over a bottle of Scotch.’

Tell me about your favorite whisky, way of drinking, and overall experience.
‘That’s an easy one. In all seriousness, my favorite whisky is Oban. I do enjoy some blended whiskies and bourbon, but if we are talking about single malts, I particularly love Oban 14-Year-Old since it has this rich sweetness with a smoky, dryness and an incredibly smooth finish. The Oban 18-Year-Old is great too. I enjoy it neat but love that there are so many ways to enjoy whisky. It doesn’t need to be just neat or on the rocks while you are sitting at home. There are some cool craft cocktails made with single malts – whisky definitely has become more social, and I love that.’

Tell me about the “It’s Pronounced OH-bin” campaign, any fun facts or mishaps?
‘The “It’s Pronounced OH-bin” campaign has been awesome – I was so excited to partner with Oban for this, especially since I have been a fan of the brand for so many years. The campaign was inspired by the common mispronunciation of the brand’s name and that is something that I easily relate to. For some reason, my last name always seems to confuse people – and still does. So, when I was approached about the campaign, I laughed and was really excited to do this. The videos are meant to be playful and poke fun at some of the insanely complicated names of single malts that you see in the store. At the end of it all, it is really just about enjoying incredibly, good whisky. I also give people a fun “education” on the side.’

What are some great memories or learning experience working alongside your castmates, like Viola Davis?
I’m very fortunate to be working with a group of outstanding actors. From day one I’ve been motivated and challenged by their talent and professionalism. I truly learn something new each and every day on set.

What’s next for you?
Outside of the show, I’ve been working on a big music project with my best friend Tim Wu (aka Elephante). We’ve been working hard on making it something unique and can’t wait to share it with everyone.