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January 29, 2015
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If the first half of How to Get Away With Murder‘s freshman season left you in a state of shock and “aww hell no!,” you should probably brace for more of the same in its final six-episode run (kicking off tonight, 10/9c on ABC).

“It’s this never-ending balancing act — that’s why the writing is so good,” says Jack Falahee, who plays snarky, promiscuous law student Connor. “It’s in that space between absurdity and reality, that line between manic-ness and togetherness.”

We caught up with Falahee — along with co-stars Liza Weil, Aja Naomi King, Alfred Enoch, Charlie Weber and Matt McGorry — to get some teases about how the investigation into Sam Keating’s murder/corpse disposal will play out. We also asked them to consider whether some of the show’s unlikely couples have a chance of a happy ending.

Jack Falahee (“Connor”)
When last we saw Connor, he was spinning a tall tale to ex-love Oliver about being a relapsed drug addict — in order to explain his unhinged behavior on Murder Night. “It’s a pretty big lie. It was very bold of Connor,” says Falahee. “That’s the intriguing part of the second half of Season 1. The writers did a really magnificent job of constructing this web of white lies surrounding the murder plot: How can you maintain the charade of everyday life when you’ve hacked up someone’s charred remains?” Falahee adds that Connor will put a level of commitment into maintaining his addiction alibi, adding, “maybe that lie isn’t that far-fetched for Connor.”


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