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Jack Falahee emerged as a fan favorite as Connor Walsh on “How to Get Away with Murder” in the very first episode when he uses his charm, charisma and — let’s admit it — hot face to get info from an IT nerd at the company Annalise’s (Viola Davis’) law firm was investigating.

The entire point of that interaction was to prove that Connor would do anything he needed to do to get evidence for a case. Unexpectedly though, sparks flew between Connor and that IT nerd, named Oliver, thus whipping internet fans into a frenzy. It only took one hook up for Coliver, “How to Get Away with Murder’s” biggest ship, to start sailing.

Zap2it got the chance to sit down with Falahee during a “How to Get Away with Murder” set visit and had plenty to dish about what’s in store for Coliver in the second half of Season 1.

“We definitely explore [the relationship] in the second half of the season. He lies in a big way to Oliver by coming out at the end of the night and saying he’s a drug addict,” Falahee says. “Even if it were the truth, that would be something to be worked through and worked on. We definitely explore that teeter-totter of chaos with Coliver.”

That “teeter-totter” is understandable. When you’re trying to cover up a murder, romance can get a little bit difficult. Coliver hit their bumps in the first half of Season 1, but when Connor needed someone the most it was Oliver he turned to after Sam Keating’s body had been thrown away. His dependence on Oliver probably shocked Connor most of all, according to Falahee.

“It’s very simply that Connor in meeting Oliver was using Oliver as a means to an end to get information to present to his teacher. He was pretty blindsided by his relationship with Oliver,” Falahee explains. “It just caught him by surprise. There are times in your life when you’re not out actively looking for romance and it just shakes you a little bit.”

Falahee also admits that Connor wasn’t being completely dishonest when he told Oliver he was an addict. He really does have a need to be near someone.

“Connor might be a sex addict,” Falahee admits. “In a way, I think him telling Oliver at the end of that episode that he’s an addict, maybe there’s some truth in that.”

That sexual addiction is a habit fans definitely won’t complain about it, though more conservative TV audience members have raised issue with the graphic nature of Coliver’s relationship — and all of Connor’s hookups.

“People have sex. I don’t think it’s gratuitous. That’s reality,” Falahee says. “If it were a heterosexual relationship no one would say anything about it.”

As happy as fans should be that Coliver isn’t over, that doesn’t mean they should assume that things are going to go smoothly — remember what show you’re watching, after all. Connor has already shown the most extreme signs of what this secret is doing to his psyche. During the same set visit both Annalise (Davis) and Laurel (Karla Souza) speculate that Connor would be the one to spill the secret.

“I definitely thought Connor is the one to worry about,” Davis says. “He just wasn’t handling it.”


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